Wednesday, 12 September 2007

6 Thinking Hats

Andrew Wilcox of Cabre has published some notes on using Edward de Bono's 6 Thinking Hats in conjunction with MindManager to run workshops. Andrew writes:

SixThinkingHats"In applying this process Cabre has found that no voice at the meeting dominates. New ideas always come up in the Green Hat and surprise the attendees. It is as useful with a large group as it is with a one to one coaching session."

See the full article at the Cabre website and download a 6 Thinking Hats MindManager template. There is also a sample workshop output here.

Many thanks to Andrew for making this available.

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Andrew Wilcox said...

Steve, What a delight to see my maps being referred to in your blog.

The MindManager - Six Thinking Hats link was made again this evening at an Ecademy meeting I ran in Winchester.

There happened to be two school governers in the audience who were talking to me afterwards about whether I had presented or trained teachers about using MindManager. I said not recently but I would be delighted to. They noted that the teachers were using Six Thinking Hats in their classes and the MindManager combination could very useful.

If it goes anywhere I will repost here.