Wednesday, 30 July 2008

No Time To Think?

An interesting article on the BBC News web site poses the question of how to give time each day to thinking.  Discussing time, place and props the article includes comments from scientists and Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind maps.No time to think







I've summarised the key points as a mind map (click on the image above).  You can download a MindManager file here.

To read the article in full go to No Time To Think?

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Sunday, 27 July 2008

bCisive - Visual Decision Making

bCisive Program

I've just downloaded a trial of BCisive - a business decision making and diagramming tool.  First impressions are very good. 

When you run bCisive you are presented with a typical workspace in which to model the decision.  However the way the workspace is designed has real impact and yet is fresh and clean.

Building a decision tree is quick and easy and I will experiment more with this.  I see great potential for using this interactively in business meetings, workshops and group consultations. 

The web site offers some great support - with tutorials for beginners, case studies and sample decision maps.  This feels like a winner.

bCisive Man

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Visual Summaries for Workshop Feedback

Recently I gave up a Saturday to support a strategic away day for a charitable organisation. Among the activities were a number of breakout workshops. imageEach workshop was given a question to discuss and the findings were to be presented back to the main group.

The groups I worked with produced many flip charts to capture all their ideas. However, as raw output, these would have proved too much to present back in the time allowed.

In the last five minutes of each workshop I summarised the key ideas with the group and summarised these visually (or graphically) on a single flip chart. image

The subsequent presentations were concise and focussed on the key ideas and conclusions.  The audience found it easy to recall the main points.

The visual organisation of the ideas is simple yet powerful – a demonstration of how ideas can be presented visually with little or no artistic talent – and in next to no time.