Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Mapping Thoughts Pt 3 - Note Taking

EnergyMap Mind maps are wonderful for taking real time notes.  They aid memory, allow associations to be identified and reinforced and they can make the driest school lesson a little more fun.

Here is an example of notes taken during a Year 9 science lesson on the topic of energy transformation.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

MindMaps on Moonfruit

imagePaul Foreman is creating numerous hand drawn mind maps on health, well being and being organised.  They are all available for viewing at or



For anyone interested in developing their skills and style this is an invaluable resource given the huge range of examples.



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Thursday, 17 April 2008

MindManager Connect Beta

Collaborating with MindManager.

Mindjet Connect Beta

The next release of MindManager will include a new feature - MindJet Connect.  This allows you to invite a group to work together - in real time if you wish - on mind maps and other files.  Some of the features included are:

  • Simultaneous editing of maps by groups large and small
  • Attachment, upload and sharing of files
  • Instant meeting and chat options
  • Creation and management of workspaces
  • Management of users - who sees and edits what.

The product is in Beta test at the moment and disclosure restrictions have just been lifted.  To access Connect you either need to be an account holder or to be invited to join an account. If you would like to try the function, share maps and generally experiment, do drop me a line.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

To Do Lists with MindManager

I have dabbled with using MindManager to manage my to do's without reaching a stage of comfort.  I always revert to the simple list management possible with MS Outlook to which I have added the Getting Things Done (GTD) add-in.  I think this is partly because the maps get too big.

Accounts To DosObviously the idea of using a map or maps appeals to me as I keep coming back and trying again.  Recently I had more success by keeping the map constrained to just one set or topic of to do's.  In this instance it is everything I need to do with my accounts and taxation (brrrrrr!).  This has worked really well as it has allowed me to see everything I need to do on a specific topic, whereas the Outlook/GTD combination is less satisfactory in this respect. 

I create the tasks in Outlook, often from emails or as next actions when completing tasks.  I send these together with appointments and contacts to the MindManager map.  I also include links to relevant web sites, files and folders.  From this point I use the map to manage progress.

Gaelen O'Connell of MindJet has posted a question on LinkedIn asking 'What's your favourite GTD application?'.  The answers to date include a wide range of applications.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Meeting Magic - the Book

The graphic facilitators Meeting Magic have published a practical guide to making meetings more effective.  The book takes common problems with meetings, offers tools and tips to prevent each problem arising and how to deal with the problem if it does arise.

I met some of the Meeting Magic team in Edinburgh last October at the IAF European conference.  They are an experienced group with tremendous enthusiasm for achieving productive meetings.  While the use of graphics is a powerful tool in their armoury you don't need any drawing or facilitation skills to benefit from this book.

And the title?  Well it's Meeting Magic of course.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Mapping Thoughts Pt2 - Note Taking

Here is the second in an occasional series on applications for hand drawn maps.

Increasingly I find I am embellishing my notes with small mind maps and other visual references.  Here are some examples.

The first two are maps with only three branches. 



The third is probably the smallest mind map I have ever created.


Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Mind Maps for Authors

Mind mappingTom Evans helps budding authors get started and has a blog, The Bookwright, offering online resources. In his posting, "Why authors should use Mind Maps", he describes how mind mapping helps get thoughts down on paper in a way that leads to further insights, ideas and enlightenment.  The posting also includes a link to a sample map that summarises the posting.

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