Sunday, 28 September 2008

Update to Requirements Mapping with Mind Manager

For more on mapping software requirements and integration between MindManager and RTime - QAvantage's requirements life cycle management tool - see Brian S Friedlander's post.  The post include and interview with Robert Chenal, author of the white paper published in my last post.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Mind Mapping Software Requirements

imageRobert Chenal of QAvantage has written a thought provoking white paper on the use of mind mapping software for defining, documenting and communicating software requirements.  Robert recommends software such as Mind Manager to capture and manipulate requirements, even to the extent of "reverse mapping" requirements from Word documents.  Robert's paper goes on to discuss improving:

• requirements quality
• collaboration and communication of requirements
• requirement traceability.

The greatest benefit has to be the opportunities to present, discuss and amend requirements visually.  Many of us will be familiar with key users being switched off when asked to spend several hours working through rather dry lists of requirements.  Here are some ideas to save time, communicate clearly and add a little more stimulation to the process.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Meeting Magic Tips for Virtual Meetings

A recent email newsletter from Meeting Magic contained a link to a list of tips for virtual meetings.  The author,  Steve Apps, talks about the importance of contacting the participants before the meeting and of checking that the technology works (and you know how to make it work). 

An interesting observation about virtual meetings once underway is that we tend to be less patient than when talking face to face.  Steve recommends that virtual meetings should be kept short.  My own experience also suggests that participants be asked to speak in headlines only - detailed explanations and discussion can take place offline.

If you are interested to see all 10 tips then visit the Meeting Magic web site by clicking here.

Effective Meetings Post by Jamie Nast

Jamie has posted a map of mine on her Idea Mapping blog, outlining how to plan for effective meetings.  You can see the post here.


If you are a MindManager user you can download and expand the full map here.