Saturday, 11 October 2008

Decision Trees Using Argument Mapping

image As a variation on a theme, try argument mapping process logic (is that a good sentence?).  The bCisive tool is not only great for mapping arguments, it works well for decision trees.  And for my money, it is so much more visual than a typical flow chart.  See my example at the bCisive Hive here.

bCisiveFor a comparison between diagramming techniques see this introduction at the Austhink website.


Saturday, 4 October 2008

More on Mind Manager Export to Word

Exporting to Word has been both a strength and a weakness of MindManager.  MindManager does a good job exporting the topics and notes, creating a hierarchical document structure based on the topic levels in the map.  However getting the formatting right without further editing in Word is less than intuitive.

A couple of preparatory steps and some mapping guidelines can be followed to ensure better results - first time. 

In summary:

1. Design and create a Word template before you map image

  • Edit the key Word styles such as Heading 1, Heading 2, Body Text
  • Think of a hierarchical document structure based on these styles
  • Create a simple one page document using all the required styles and following your hierarchy
  • Save this as a Word template.

2. Create a simple MindManager map and export it using your templateimage

  • Just one branch will do as long as it contains all the levels in your Word hierarchy
  • From the export options, make sure you select the template created in the first step
  • Export the map
  • Review the document and edit the additional styles created by the MindManager export - these all begin with MM such as MM Topic 1, MM Topic 2
  • Save this document as a new Word template

3. Now create the map with your actual product and export

  • Now start work on the map you are using to create your document, report or presentation
  • When ready, review the map and ensure the topic levels conform to the document hierarchy you created in your second Word template
  • Export the map, ensuring you use the second Word template - ensure you match the topic levels to the MM topics in this template - NOT the default Word topics such as Heading 1 and so on
  • Complete the export and review the Word document for any final formatting.

imageThis is all described in more detail in a map, which you can download here.  It also contains sample templates.  When you develop a template you like, it can be used over and over again - the first two steps above can be omitted.


I'm working on a more complete map covering Word styles for notes, relationships and attachments that will be posted soon.


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