Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Mind Maps as Forms

You've probably used mind maps to do your own planning or creative thinking.  What about giving a mind map template to those you work with to help them think about a problem?

WorkshopPre-PlanningMapForm When you are thinking of a conversation you will be having with a colleague you might generate a list of the questions you want to discuss.  Try putting these down as mind map and leave space for the responses or notes from the discussion.  Encourage your colleague to "fill in" the template as you talk.

BDTFormIf you want to focus people on a specific output, give them a template of the structure of that output but with space left for them to complete the content. They can think about their ideas with the eventual structure in mind, prepare "tidy" responses and then complete the form.

100_0972 Maybe you want a group to have a completely free hand to think about a problem.  BrainstormMapsYou could give them a blank mind map template and let them label the branches and add new ones.   When working with a group you could even collect these together, have the group find the common ground and recurring themes across their maps and then produce a synthesis of their ideas on a new map.