Thursday, 20 August 2009

25 Years of PowerPoint - A Review by the BBC

image"If you have worked in an office in the Western world in the past 25 years, you will probably have sat through a PowerPoint presentation. But there's a problem. They're often boring", writes presentation expert Max Atkinson for the BBC News Magazine.

In a lively article, Max summarises some of the key problems with PowerPoint, including:

  • Presenter's spending more time talking to their slides than the audience
  • Distracting the audience by forcing them to read and listen simultaneously
  • Slides as crutches for the presenter - not visual aids for the audience
  • Death by a thousand bullet points - information overload
  • Being led astray by built in templates.

For the full article see "The Problem with PowerPoint".  You might also want to refer to my earlier post "How Not To Do PowerPoint".

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