Tuesday, 6 May 2014

NEW! WordX Creates Professional Documents from MindManager

new-2My most heavily used MindManager add-in, OPTi-Word, has just been replaced.  Olympic have released WordX which delivers more control when exporting to MS Word.

I use MindManager to create many documents, reports and articles.  The mind map format helps me visualise the content, structure and shape of the document.  This way, I find I can produce more focused content more quickly.  Delivery of the content remains almost entirely by traditional text document so I export the map to MS Word.  Over the years I've developed some favourite templates and rely on Word Styles to do all the formatting for me.  I have been an OPTi-Word user for many years, giving much greater control over Style assignments than the native MindManager export function.  With the combination of the two applications I can create professional Word documents from my maps with a single click.  Often the finished product is achieved without any additional formatting using Word.

To see previous thoughts on exporting mind maps to MS Word just follow this link to review the relevant posts.

WordX for Mindjet MindManagerNow Olympic have replaced OPTi-Word with WordX.  WordX is NOT just a cosmetic makeover.  Yes, there is a new menu and yes it is part of the ribbon - however there are many new functions added and the export process is now lightning fast.

As before, the start of the document export process is to mark up the map, assigning Word Styles to the Topics.  Now you can choose which Topics to include without having to apply a filter, meaning you can retain the view of the map and all the content.  If you have a map marked up with OPTi-Word you can amend this using WordX - first load the template (if you wish to retain this) , turn off 'Initialize Map Topics with default Styles', then open the map.  WordX will do a brief conversion and then you can edit the map or change the Styles.


There are more options to apply to Topics, including Hyperlinks, Attachments and Images. 


It is now possible to select Topics by the same Style applied, so that you can then apply a different Style to those Topics should you want to achieve a different look.  Select a Topic with Style you want to replace then click Style Select on the ribbon menu -  image .

There is now a Default Export option which will override individual Topic attribute settings.  If you want more control over Topic attributes then set them using the ribbon menu options and turn Default Export off.


WordX also provides new control over pagination in the exported document - just select the Topic from where the new page is to start and apply the 'Start New Page' attribute.


When the map is marked up for export, click 'Export Map'.  Did I say that export is now lightning fast?  Well it is - in no time you will be viewing the Word document.

For more information on WordX visit the product page at the Olympic web site.  Olympic also provide a '12 Steps to a Great Mind Map Microsoft Word Export' guide.  The manual is provided as a MindManager map - it covers everything.  My thanks to Nigel Goult at Olympic for answering my questions with patience - especially after it became clear I had not RTFM.....